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Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage Excursion:

Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage Excursion

David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage where you come close to elephant calves! Daphne Sheldrick As part of the David Sheldrick Conservation Foundation rehabilitates baby elephants and other wildlife here at her home just outside of Nairobi National Park. These babies have lost their mothers to poaching, death, injuries, on getting lost in the wild or other tragedies. Daphne and her dedicated staff raise them to be released back into the wild when they are ready. Its worth visiting and see humanitarian care to the wildlife and the heart it takes to care. They charge a small entrance fees instead you can buy a souvenir or donate for the conservation.

Giraffe Manor

The Giraffe Manor Africa's pride of international celebrity. Since its founders, Jock and Betty Leslie-Melville, rescued a baby giraffe named Daisy from a heavily-poached area of western Kenya in 1974, their home has become a household name among wildlife lovers world-wide.

Today, Daisy's home has been opened to the world that provides what is felt as the very best place to begin or end your safari. Iif in a conference or transit it is worth coming close to wildlife from the bustle of the city where you feed giraffes with your own hands and have the closest touch. Other animals include the tortoise, warthog and a parrot.


  • Pick up at hotel or airport at 10.30am
  • Sheldrick Orphanage 11am-12pm
  • Giraffe center 12-1.30pm
  • Karen Blixen Museum 1.30-3pm

Rate Includes;

  • Transport/all entrance fees and Lunch at Carnivore restaurant for USD 110 per person (minimum 2pax)


Tour booking for Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage Excursion:

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