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Kenya Educational Tours:

Kenya Educational Tours

The purpose of this trip is to take students back to the cradle of humanity - not just to civilizations past, but to where humanity began - East Africa, in part in Kenya. By being involved in this particular trip, students will not only view the people and lifestyles of one of the most vibrant countries in East Africa, they will have the chance to view one of the most endangered ecosystems in the world.

Wealthy people, with their 'demand' for the exotic - some people included -are killing the diversity of planet Earth. The fortunate students who get to go on this trip will get to see sights that others will never see because of the 'demand' for trophies or living space - and who, perhaps, can blame some people for poaching to earn a living that is leading to the extinction of species. This trip blends people and nature.


1. To expose students to a part of planet Earth that they, or their parents, would probably never think of going.

2. To take students out of their comfort zone (safely), and into the realm of where almost 50 per cent (maybe more) of the world's population live - day-to-day survival.

3. To expose students to the beauty of Africa - the people, the ecosystem, and the ability to be happy with few of the material comforts in life. 4. To experience a cultural exchange with the Kenyans by visiting a mission school where the students have been orphaned because of the AIDS epidemic in Kenya, and later to visit a Teachers' College of young hopeful Kenyans who are training to be teachers.

5. To experience a Farm stay so that students get to experience a life on a farm on a large estate in which the enterprising farmers today use modern agricultural methods to work the land and who also supplement their living with evening safari tours

6. At the end of the trip, to be able to empathize with those - anywhere in the world, includingYour home country- who, through no direct fault of their own, are not able to enjoy the same comforts as people in the 'developed world'.

7. Perhaps, somewhere down the line and when this trip's participants are decision makers with financial resources at their disposal, they will contribute to help people in Africa, to save endangered species, and to give groups of people less fortunate than themselves a chance to survive. www.kenyasafaripackages.com copyright material

8. The objectives above are not necessarily curriculum related - they transcend formal education and deal with education about the real world.


Day 1 - Nairobi

Nairobi - city tour of Nairobi's rich history, culture and art. Visit the museum, snake park, and botanical garden

Day 2 - Nakuru

Entrance to the Great Rift Valley - evening game drive to Lake Nakuru National Park - to see in their natural environment: flamingoes, zebras, elephants and gazelles.

Day 3 - Bogoria

Lake Bogoria and a Farm Stay Bird life, hippos and crocodiles; along with stunning geothermal activity.

Day 4 - Baringo

The Lake Baringo ecosystem and biodiversity in East Africa.

Day 5 - Nakuru

Leave for Lake Elementaita for a walk around the lake, breath-taking views and nature walk. Visit a Mission School, a home and school for children orphaned because of AIDS

Day 6 - Naivasha

Hells Gate and Elsmere Field Centre (The site of BORN FREE (about Elsa, the lioness), and conservation efforts in this part of the world.)

Day 7 - Longonot

Longonot Climb + Boat Ride - hike through the Great Rift Valley plus visit to hippo colonies, and local villages to meet with its people. Mt Longonot

Day 8 - Nairobi

Nairobi Sheldricks orphanage + Giraffe center + butterfly center, shopping in local markets selling East African Arts & Crafts Sheldrick Orphange

Day 9 - Nairobi

Return to Nairobi. Visit a local school/childrens home to interact with the Kenyan students for cultural exchange. Depart to Mombassa that afternoon on the afternoon train.

Day 10 - Mombasa

Tour excursions of the main historical attractions and markets in Mombasa Flights from Mombasa back to Nairobi

ESTIMATED COSTS: Estimated @ US$ 1,600.00


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